Day 4 : Agree or Disagree Questions & Useful Vocabulary for Travelling & Tourism – IELTS Academic Writing Task 2 10-Day Planner



首先,第一段改寫問題。然後選擇立場。如果同意,就說I agree to the statement. 如果不同意,就說I do not agree to the statement. 記得,同意某人,是I agree  with somebody.而同意某事,就是 I agree to something.

第二段就開始寫原因,一段寫一個原因。正文的結構切記要以三為本,意思是三個原因。通常我會建議寫兩個原因 ,一個駁論,這樣會比較輕鬆一點。記得,駁論都是要分開一段寫。我們看看這條問題吧。

It is not necessary to travel to other places to learn about other cultures. We can learn from books, films and the Internet. Do you agree or disagree?

這條題目意思是人們不必去其他地方學習其他文化,因為我們可以從書籍、電影和互聯網中學習其他文化。 你同意還是不同意?這條題目我的立場是不同意的,原因是我們既可以從書本中學習其他文化,也可以從旅行學習其他文化,不需要單靠一方面。麻煩請大家先停一停,看Sample Essay然後再聽我的講解。


Sample Essay

[1] With the advancement of technology and media, it is now easy to obtain valuable information from the Internet, books and films, so some people think that travelling to other places to learn about foreign cultures is no longer necessary. I, however, disagree to such a statement based on the following reasons.

[2] It is undeniable that books, movies and the Internet play a crucial role in enriching people’s knowledge of foreign cultures. To begin with, and this helps people save a lot of time and money. Moreover, the amount of information provided by these channels is abundant. Most people are able to find out about how others live and think through books and the media.

[3] On the face of it, books, movies and the Internet are essential to understanding foreign cultures. In reality, it may not be sensible to rely on these sources only, because visiting different places offers us benefits which cannot be provided by books, movies and the Internet.

[4] One notable benefit of travelling is broadening a person’s horizons. For example, one can only know the Egyptian pyramids are gigantic and has thousand years of history from books and the Internet, but one cannot know how majestic they are actually without seeing them. Besides, people can make overseas friends and to share what they have seen and done during their trip.

[5] In conclusion, I believe that we can make use of books, films or the internet to decide some of the things and places that we want to gain first-hand experience for ourselves, but we can learn more by experiencing new cultures through traveling.

寫完第一段後,首先我會在正文即是第二段指出,無可否認,書籍、電影和互聯網在豐富人們對外國文化的了解方面起著至關重要的作用。即是 ‘It is undeniable that books, movies and the Internet play a crucial role in enriching people’s knowledge of foreign cultures.’

第三段是過渡段,我會指出書籍、電影和互聯網的局限。然後第四段,我會指出我們也可以從旅行學習其他文化,旅行可以拓寬人們的視野。‘One notable benefit of travelling is broadening a person’s horizons.’


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