Duolingo English Test Writing Sample Answer (1)

A few days ago I saw someone asking for a writing sample of this question below. It is not an easy question, as the topic is not very common. However, as an IELTS teacher I know that museums is a topic that is tested from time to time. Questions in DET are actually similar to IELTS. 

Here are some useful ideas for a 50-word writing question (taken from my e-book Quick Guide to DET Writing, which will be released soon)

Introduction: Nowadays, museums have become popular tourist destinations. Tourists visit museums for several reasons, which will be explained below.

My tip:  Focus on what museums can offer to tourists.  Below are some of the useful phrases and expressions that can help you answer the questions.

To begin with there are a variety of interesting things that can be found in museums.

  • museum exhibits
  • historical relics
  • A lot of useful educational resources / content such as museum guides (in multiple languages) and recorded commentaries (in multiple languages)
  • Some museums host re-enactment of major historical events.
  • Museums provide visitors with a wide range of first-hand information on society, science, technology, history and the environment.
  • Museums provide visitors with multi-sensory, stimulating learning experiences.
  • Museums are critical repositories of culture and heritage of a country.
  • Museums help young people to understand and appreciate their history and culture and take pride in the achievements of their ancestors.

Examples of great museums in the world:

  • The British Museum (London)
  • Le Louvre (Paris)
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York)


Le Louvre

Photo by Michael Fousert on Unsplash

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