Duolingo English Test Writing Sample Answer (2)

I think there is a grammatical mistake in this question—the preposition “of” is left out. So, the question should be “people of your age” (see below).

I am going to say that the number of university places in my hometown is rather limited. I think university education is very important, and the government should allow more people to receive university education and make it more affordable.

To begin with I am going to explain the importance of university education. Below are some useful ideas:

✨The importance of a university education
✨A university education produces well-educated and independent-thinking citizens.
✨It prepares students for employment.
✨It increases students’ competitive edge.
✨It increases an individual’s job opportunities and earning potential.
✨It contributes to the productivity and competitiveness of the economy.

Then I will go on to explain how the government can help poor young people to have the chance to receive university education.

Underprivileged students may face financial difficulties in pursuing their university education, because their families cannot afford the high tuition fees and living costs.
In view of this situation the government should ensure equal opportunities for all students.
Different types of financial aid, for example, merit-based financial aid and need-based financial aid can be provided to give financial support to students.





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