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在上一集我們談及Reasons and Solutions questions,今日就談談一種和它很相似的題型,就是題目上半部分要求考生寫某現象的原因,下半部分就要求考生寫某現象的結果也會要求考生寫建議解決方法,換言之即是題目有三部分要求考生作答。這類題型其實就是Reasons and Solutions題型的延伸,故此我把它命名為Reasons and Solutions Extension Questions。


其實和Reasons and Solutions題型大同小異。正如之前所述,第一段Introduction我建議同學寫大約25字。第二段寫原因,大約50字。第三段寫原因,大約50字。

第四段寫影響或結果,大約50字。如果問題分為三部分的話,即係原因,影響和建議,大家就要懂得應變,第五段就要不要再寫影響或結果,就要寫建議部分,大約50字。也許有同學會問其實可否原因寫一段然後結果或影響寫兩段,或者建議部分寫兩段,這樣可以嗎? 其實這樣寫的話也是沒有問題的。因為問題要求你寫三部分,其實同學也可以自由發揮,只要寫齊三部分,言之成理就可以了。


Nowadays the crime rate is increasing, especially among teenagers. What are the reasons behind it? How can we reverse this trend? What punishment methods should be used, in your opinion?

又是關於Crime and Punishment的題目,可能有同學會問    為何不講解其他題目,其實這樣做是希望可以加深同學對Crime and Punishment這個題目的認識。麻煩請大家先看Sample Essay然後再聽我的講解。

Sample Essay

[1] Nowadays there has been an unprecedented increase in juvenile delinquency. There are two causes including the lack of parental care and bad influence from the mass media. There are two solutions to reducing juvenile delinquency and lenient punishments should be given out to these teenage offenders.


[2] It is believed that lack of proper parenting is a primary factor contributing to the high teenage crime rate. Some parents are so busy with work that they do not have time to take care of their children. Worse still, some teenagers grow up in single-parent or dysfunctional families, and they fail to communicate with their families properly. These teenagers often experience anxiety, loneliness and fear. They end up committing crimes so as to escape from these negative feelings.


[3] Apart from improper parenting, the negative influence of the mass media results in rampant juvenile delinquency. These days, the mass media has glorified distorted moral values. Some impressionable teenagers are susceptible to violence and pornography, so they are more likely to commit crimes.


[4] There are two practical solutions to the issue. Parents should provide more love and care to their children, as the latter are entitled to these fundamental necessities of life.  Moreover, the government plays an important role in regulating violence and pornography in the mass media, so that young people’s exposure to such bad influence can be reduced.


[5] Since these young offenders are immature, they deserve an opportunity to turn over a new leaf. Lenient penalties such as participation in community services and rehabilitation programs are recommended for these young people. These measures can instil young offenders with correct moral values and practical life skills, which can benefit their future. In conclusion, juvenile delinquency can be eliminated by proper parental care and government regulation of the mass media. (About 295 words)

這條題目問為什麼年青人會犯罪,有什麼解決方法,政府應該採取什麼刑罰措施。我們可以立即應用個人社會框架就能構思兩個原因。首先,就從個人因素開始,缺乏適當的教養,即是 ‘lack of proper parenting’,是導致青少年犯罪率高的主要因素。第二個原因就是社會方面,大眾傳媒導致青少年犯罪猖獗,即是 ‘the negative influence of the mass media results in rampant juvenile delinquency’。

最後我們要根據之前的原因寫出對應的解決方法。父母應該給孩子更多的愛和關懷,即是‘Parents should provide more love and care to their children’。 此外,政府在規範大眾媒體中的暴力和色情方面起著重要作用,即是‘the government plays an important role in regulating violence and pornography in the mass media’。

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