IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Essay: Why do locals seldom visit museums and historical sites?

Why do locals seldom visit museums and historical sites

Many museums and historical sites are mainly visited by tourists, not local people. What are the reasons and what can be done to attract local people?

[1] Nowadays, many museums and historical sites are mostly visited by travellers but not the local people. There are two reasons and solutions for the above statement.


[2] At an individual level, nowadays people have many choices of recreation, and visiting museums may not be their first priority at weekends.  Locals are already familiar with their culture and history, so they think the museums have nothing new to offer. Besides, as they are mostly lay visitors, they may not understand the background of the art piece or sculpture. Thus, museums are not appealing to them.


[3] At the social level, the government is to blame for the decreasing number of visitors. It has not taken the initiative to improve the museums’ service quality and promote them to the public. The museum display lacks attractiveness and the exhibit display is not suitable for the lay visitors. As a consequence, many visitors may not be aware of the latest exhibitions and activities held by the museums and historical sites.


[4] To tackle the problems above-mentioned, there are some approaches which can be taken into account. The government should improve its promotional strategy such as updating the recent activities and exhibitions through websites and advertisements so that locals will not miss out the latest information. Moreover, the government can offer free tickets or discounts for students, elderly or low-income families so that they can have a chance to visit the museums.


[5] In conclusion, the problems for this phenomenon can be solved by government with various approaches which will certainly encourage more local people to visit museums. (Around 255 words)

Miss Chan’s comment: what is the problem with the solution in paragraph 4? How can it be better? Feel free to leave your views in the comment section. 

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