IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Essay: protecting all wild animals or only part of them?

Should we protect all wild animals or only part of them

Some people think it is important to protect all wild animals. Others think it is only important to protect part of them. Discuss both views and give your opinion. 

[1] People have different opinions regarding protecting wild animals: while some believe they should be saved; others think that it is important to protect only a part of them. Both views will be discussed and my opinion will be given below.

[2] Some people think it is necessary to protect all wild animals. They believe that all of them are essential and play an important role in our ecosystem. If one of these becomes extinct, the whole ecosystem will be destroyed and this can exert a catastrophic effect on our environment. For example, in recent years the number of bees has been declining across the world, which makes farmers aware of the important roles the bees have played in agricultural processes.

[3] However, some people think only a part of wild animals should be protected. They base their views on the fact that an increased number of wild animals could threaten the existence of human beings. For example, if zebras are protected in African forests, their population are likely to increase, and they will destroy human living areas and farms. Also, protecting wild animals can be expensive for developing countries, where human welfare should be made a top priority.

[4] In my opinion, the choice to protect all wild animals or part of them depends on each country’s resources. I believe all wild animals should be protected because they are an essential part of the ecosystem. If only a part of the animals are protected, this will result in biodiversity loss, leading to the loss of food security. In conclusion, both arguments are logically sound but I prefer the former one. (267 words)

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