Strategies for doing the 50-word writing question in DET (Part 1)

To begin with, here are a few piece of general advice that you need to follow if you want to do well in this question part.

1. Pay attention to grammar.

2. Pay attention to your essay structure.

3. Expand your vocabulary. Pay attention to themes such as technology, personal qualities and scenery description.

4. Learn to think critically and present your arguments from different perspectives.

5. Pay attention to coherence—make sure your ideas are organized and logical.Use transition words and phrases appropriately.

6. Practise makes perfect.

Secondly you also need to know there are several question types in this part. 

Question Type One: Do you agree or disagree questions

1. Physical exercise (like sports or outdoor activities) should be a required part of school every day. Do you agree or disagree? Why? Give specific reasons for your answer.

2. Television has damaged communication among family members. Do you agree or disagree? Why? Give specific reasons for your answer.

3. Is literacy (the ability to read and write) more important today than it was in the past? Why or why not? Give specific for your answers.

Question Type Two: Advantage or disadvantage questions

1.What are the disadvantages of becoming famous?

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of living near the shore?

Question Type Three: What do you prefer questions

1. Is it good or bad to take risks?

2. If your school has money only for building books library or computer labs. Which choice do you support and why?

3.If you need to complain about a bad product or poor service, do you prefer to do it in writing, by telephone, or in person (face to face)? Why? Give specific reasons for your answer.

Question Type Four: Descriptive & Experience questions

1.Describe a person who you admire most.

2.Describe an experience that was surprisingly fun. Include specific details in your answer.

3. Describe a time when you were brave. What happened? Include specific details in your answer.

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